Why Heilig Defense? Learn more about what sets Heilig Defense apart.

Computer Security

A New Way Of Thinking Of Detection.

Business as usual is no longer working. Existing security solutions simply fail in the face of advanced attacks. One cannot expect to just install an anti-virus solution and assume they are protected. A new way of thinking about malware detection is needed.

With years of computer security experience in both government and industry, Heilig Defense has honed malware detection to a science. Now, with the release of Correlate and Overwatch businesses can leverage Heilig Defense's expertise to better protect their networks.

Correlate and Overwatch work differently than other types of malware detection solutions. Instead of relying on signatures, indicators of compromise or specific behaviors, Correlate and Overwatch use detection strategies that attack malware at a fundamental level.

Correlate is able to intelligently detect malware on end-points using a rich, contextual history of data collected by lightweight agents. Overwatch is able to find malware operating on network devices using signature-less and agent-less detection methods. Combine them together along with patent-pending detection algorithms and you will have the visibility needed to bring even the most stealthiest malware into view.

Defense In Depth

Built To Work Together.

Existing security solutions are one-sided. End-point solutions are just watching the end-point while network security appliances are just watching the network. When the two are not talking, the chances of a missing an attack or falsely reporting an attack greatly increases. Essentially, the left hand does not know what the right is doing and in computer security, everyone needs to be on the same page to be truely effective.

Correlate was specifically built to combine rich, end-point data with network level information to get the fullest, most detailed picture possible. This approach allows for packets to be viewed more than just as packets and end-point activity as more than just a point in time. Defense-in-depth becomes much stronger when the end-point agents and the network appliances work in concert

However, Correlate does not have to work alone. With highly customizable alerts, industry standard threat reporting outputs and the ability to interface and share data with any existing third party tool or appliance, Correlate provides the power and flexibility needed to augment existing tools or fill detection gaps.

To further increase a network's defensive posture, Overwatch can be added to protect the critical infrastructure devices that a network needs to function.


Think You Are Seeing Everything?

Information is the key to successfully detecting malware. Unfortunately, today's legacy solutions require a-priori information to be effective against threats. Therefore, any new or unknown threat will penetrate these defenses.

Correlate and Overwatch work differently. Instead of needing to know what a threat looks like before being able to detect it, Correlate and Overwatch constantly monitor and evaluate the systems and network to identify malicious behaviors. Correlate and Overwatch provide the visibility needed to understand what is happening within your network and presents this threat information in a way that makes it easy to comprehend and act upon. And with patent-pending detection algorithms designed to root out the stealthiest malware, you can be confident you really will have the visibility you need.


You Must Understand Malware To Defeat It.

"It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles" - Sun Tzu

Defeating malware requires a deep knowledge base. From understanding Windows architecture to the latest malware analysis tools and techniques, Heilig Defense built Correlate and Overwatch with the knowledge needed to successfully detect and attack malware.

By determining the fundamental activities that most malware must accomplish in order to become successful, intelligent detection strategies can be built so no level of obfuscation or stealth can hide its true nature.

Advanced Analytics

Like a Human Malware Analyst But In Code Form!

With the help of advanced analytics, Correlate and Overwatch can identify suspicious process, user and network activity in real time. These advanced analytics leverage machine learning, dynamic modeling, behavioral analysis, patent-pending detection algorithms and years of malware hunting and analysis experience in order to provide accurate and actionable threat intelligence as events occur.

Active Response

Automate Your Initial Response Actions To Focus On What's Really Important.

When security solutions generate too many alerts it can cause 'alert fatigue' with analysts. This can lead to increased response times which may allow an attacker a longer opportunity to stay within the network. In order to prevent alert fatigue Correlate and Overwatch provide powerful active response options for mitigation and remediation of detected threats.

When certain events are detected with preset actions defined Correlate and Overwatch will automatically act upon and remediate at network speed without human intervention. An analyst can then later review the actions in order to tweak the responses as well as provide valuable feedback to the detection engines in order to improve future detections.

Active response allows for the efficient use of manpower within an organization. Once options are set and rules defined, Correlate and Overwatch can operate so that productivity is enhanced instead of hindered through alert fatigue.