Route Shield

Process Level Routing

What is it?

Route Shield is an application that provides per-process routing for DNS, proxy and VPN connections. With Route Shield you can force a program to use DNS-Over-HTTPS, DNS-Over-TLS, SOCKS4/5 proxies or specific VPN connections. This way, you have precise control over how a program communicates on the network.

Whether you value your privacy, use multiple VPNs or simply wish you had more control over how an application talks on the network, then Route Shield is the tool for you.

What's The Point?

Unless an application organically provides robust network configuration settings, network communications will follow system defaults. This includes the DNS servers that are used and any configured VPN. And while applications like web browsers do provide DNS and proxy control, each browser needs to be individually configured and the values remain static until they are changed. Route Shield solves these issues by allowing you to use any DNS, proxy or VPN provider for any application at any time.

System Requirements

OSWindows 10
.NET>= 4.7.2


Download Route Shield v1.2021.89.155 (04 Apr 2021) here.