Browser protection from embedded crypto miners.

Interface and Options

MinerOff is simple to use with few options.

The main window consists of a toggle button to enable or disable protection, an event log that records activity in text format and a graphing area that shows real-time browser activity recorded by MinerOff. The graph represents resource usage as both a snap shot in time as well as a trailing history. While the data is not directly useful for the user, the data shown is what MinerOff uses internally to make alerting decisions.

The options window contains a few settings that control how MinerOff works. You can set MinerOff to start with Windows and to control whether an alert is shown. If no alert is shown and MinerOff detects possible mining activity then it will automatically terminate the offending thread.

The next list contains the module names of browser processes. It comes pre-populated with the common browsers but you can add or remove others. When MinerOff detects a process that matches the name, it will start to monitor resource usage. If you do not want MinerOff to monitor a particular browser then just remove it from the list.

The final set of settings deal with the sensitivity of MinerOff detection. The first has to do with the detection delay. Detection delay refers to the number of seconds that MinerOff will initially ignore a process before starting to profile. This is useful because processes and threads generally consume a lot of resources when they first start. By ignoring this initial flurry of activity, MinerOff's performance profile will not be skewed. The right value is dependent on your own system and its resources.

The very last setting is a sliding scale that sets the sensitivity of the alerting. It is least sensitive when all the way to the left and most sensitive when all the way to the right. Sensitivity is a function of time and resource utilization. Less sensitive means more time and usage is required for an alert while more sensitive means less time and fewer resources used. Again, this should be tuned based on your own system.