Browser protection from embedded crypto miners.

What is it?

MinerOff is a browser agnostic anti-miner designed to detect and terminate crypto-miners embedded in webpages. MinerOff is not a browser plug-in but instead an external application that can protect any specified browser from being misused by malicious mining.

MinerOff is not signature based nor does it monitor network communications. Instead, MinerOff measures and profiles browser resources for telltale signs of crypto-mining. With tuneable sensitivity settings, MinerOff can detect unusual resource usage and alert when identified. Besides crypto-mining detection, MinerOff's performance profiling can also help detect and terminate long running scripts that have become unresponsive.

Will this work for my system?

Depending on the available resource of your system, utilization may be high during even normal activities. A slow processor, fewer cores and a little RAM will cause high spikes in usage which could be interpreted as suspicious but, if your system is powerful then normal browser activity generally won't be an issue. For example, on a quad-core i7 (8 threads) with 16 GB of RAM, watching a YouTube video uses around 3% of sustained CPU usage. However, in a VM with 2 core (2 threads) and 3 GB of RAM, watching YouTube pushes the CPU to around 30%. The configurable settings allow you to determine the right level of sensitivity but at some point, resource constrained systems may cause too many false positives to be useful.

What if I use NoScript?

While blocking some Javascript is a recommended security practice, blocking all Javascript all the time really makes the internet pretty unusable. And in most cases, exemptions are added which negates the benefit of blocking Javascript in the first place. Now, if your exemptions are tight and you don't think the sites you exempted could ever be hacked or injected, then MinerOff probably is unecessary for your setup. However, if you are more permissive with Javascript settings or worry that sites you frequent could hide a malicious payload then MinerOff is another layer of protection that can be applied to proactively notify you in the event of suspicious resource usage.

Can I safely test it?

Yes! Most malicious crypto-mining webpage injections are based on Coinhive's Monero mining library. You can visit the legitimate Coinhive webpage that has a miner built in to test MinerOff. The page has a few settings that can be used to throttle the mining which allows you to understand how your system handles when browser mining. This information then also can be used to tune MinerOff to adjust sensitivity to reduce false positives.


MinerOff currently supports 64-bit systems running Windows 7 SP1 and greater. The latest version of MinerOff is v1.2018.246.722 released on 5 Sept 2018.


v1.2018.246.722 (x64) - Released 5 Sept 2018