Application Packet Capture: A better way to PCAP.

Get Started

Getting started with AppPacCap is easy. First, download and install AppPacCap. Your system will need to be restarted before you can use it for the first time. After the reboot, you'll want to open the GUI in order to configure the network settings and optional authentication, geolocation and threat intel settings. Once that is complete, click the toggle button to start the AppPacCap service. When it successfully starts, the status indicator will turn green. If you configured geolocation data, AppPacCap will take a minute or two to fully parse the data. Once ready, you can open your web browser and goto the address listed on the GUI or simply click the 'Launch AppPacCap' button. That will cause your default browser to open the page. Once the page is loaded you can start to capture and explore network data.