Application Packet Capture: A better way to PCAP.

Change Log

  • v9.2018.103.6641 - 15 Apr 2018
    • Fixed 802.11 binding issues.
    • Added 802.11 header parser.
    • Added loopback capture option.
    • Added file extraction API.
    • Added file extraction page view.
    • Added adapter attachment setting.
    • Added new 802.11 search terms.
    • Bug fixes and other minor changes.
  • Release notes: v9.2018.103.6641 has many new features and improvements. 802.11 (Wi-Fi) capture should now work without issue however, AppPacCap does not put the adapter into monitor mode. That means you can only capture packets destined for your system. A future release of AppPacCap will implement monitor mode. File extraction was also added. The extraction APIs allow you to identify files traversing the network and optionally save them to the disk. This currently only works for HTTP and SMB2. SMB1 will be added in a later release as will HTTPS once SSL proxying is implemented.

  • v8.2018.65.12238 - 6 Mar 2018
    • Initial release