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Detection and Defense. Simplified.

Correlate is a signature-less, real-time end-point and network malware detection tool. Highly configurable, Correlate easily integrates into your network and combines rich end-point data with powerful network heuristics to give you the visibility required to find even the most advanced malware.

Designed for Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10), Correlate uses a client-server architecture by deploying light-weight agents on the end-ponts that constantly monitor and sends activity to the server for analysis. Due to understandable privacy concerns, the server can be deployed locally within your own network or can be hosted in the cloud

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Agent-less Protection For Your Network Devices

The next big front in network intrusions will be the systematic targeting of network devices such as routers and firewalls. In fact, we have already recently seen an attack dubbed SYNful Knock that targts Cisco routers in order to implant them with a malicious payload. Because of their closed and proprietary nature, these devices do not receive the scrutiny they deserve.

Overwatch fixes that. Based on similiar analytic principles that Correlate uses to detect malware on end-points, Overwatch is a signature-less and agent-less solution to protecting your network devices. Operating as either an active or passive appliance, Overwatch is able to identify when a network device is acting on behalf of a malicious attacker.

The same appliance that Correlate uses for the advanced network detection can also support Overwatch. When used in an Overwatch function, the appliance can currently support 1Gbe and 10Gbe links with higher speeds currently in development.

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