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Heilig Defense

At Heilig Defense, we are passionate about cyber security. We are constantly striving to create easy to use but highly effective defensive security solutions that protect your endpoint, network and data from attackers before they have an opportunity to cause damage. Highly innovative, motivated and agile, Heilig Defense works hard at perfecting the five D's of cyber defense.


Identify malicious activity during any phase of an attack.


Trap the adversary with clever deception and stealth.


Prevent the adversary from achieving their objectives.


Stop an attack in its tracks by blocking on the endpoint or the network.


Harden your systems to prevent attacks in the first place.

Products and Services

Heilig Defense provides a wide range of security products and services. While not all products are available for download (or even listed here), please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to learn about all that Heilig Defense offers.

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Packet Capture Framework


Advanced Threat Hunting

CyDec Platform

Cyber Deception Made Easy

Memory Sentry

Signature-less Anti-Exploit


Ensure Network Device Integrity


Signature-less Anti-Ransomware

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About Us

Cyber: It's what we do!

  • Who Are We?

    Heilig Defense is a self-funded, certified SDVOSB start-up based in Arlington, Virginia with a focus on developing advanced defensive cyber security solutions.

  • Our Mission

    Provide the next generation of security solutions to protect your organization's endpoints, network and data.

  • Why Choose Heilig Defense?

    Founded by a former Marine Corps Intelligence Officer, Heilig Defense leverages years of government and industry experience in cyber security to build unique information security solutions that meet today's pressing cyber challenges.

Develop With Heilig Defense

Got skillz? Send us your CV.

Heilig Defense is always on the look out for top talent. Ideal candidates will have strong development skills in a variety of languages, from low-level ASM and C to higher level languages like .NET and Python. Should have a passion for all things cyber security with a deep understanding of pressing security issues. Knowledge of system internals (Windows is preferred) is required. And critical thinking, reading comprehension and communication skills are a must.

We are a fast paced start-up working on cool technologies to support important customers. If you like a challenge and think you can cut it, send your resume to skillz@heidef.com.

Videos, News and Updates

15 Aug 2019CyDec Anti-Fingerprint Extension (Firefox) v1.2019.227.220 released
15 Aug 2019CyDec Anti-Fingerprint Extension (Chrome) v1.2019.227.220 released
28 Feb 2019Heilig Defense places 2nd at DreamPort Rapid Prototyping Event.
05 Dec 2018RansomOff v5.2018.339.6492 released
05 Sep 2018MinerOff v1.2018.246.722 released
15 Apr 2018AppPacCap v9.2018.103.6641 released
07 Mar 2018CyDec OS Spoofer v4.2018.66.8245 released
10 Oct 2017DHS S&T Awards $67K to Philadelphia Small Business for Defense Against Cyber-Threats

Nmap Spoofing with CyDec Platform.

Targeted packet capture with AppPacCap.

The strongest anti-ransomware protection available with RansomOff.

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